Residential Break-In Preventions

America has become a sad place, as we always have to look over our shoulders and take extra precautionary steps to ensure the greatest level of safety and security. As much as each and every one of us would like to believe “break-ins won’t happen to me,” the harsh reality is that anyone could be the victim of a break-in or burglary.

In fact, tens of thousands of Americans fall victim to home burglaries, each day. Whilst it is almost impossible to guarantee any and all efforts will prevent a break-in, ignoring the facts and not being proactive is merely living with your head in the clouds or in the sand (whichever metaphor resonates with you). Specializing in security and being one of Long Island’s leading locksmiths, Plainview Locksmiths urges homeowners to pay attention to some of the following basics, in effort to prevent break-ins and burglary.

Top Basic Tips to Prevent Residential Break-Ins

Lock Doors – Believe it or not, many homeowners leave their doors unlocked while they are not home, so children can get in or out of pure laziness. This is an open-invite to a burglar. Similarly, it is common for homeowners to leave doors unlocked when taking a shower or in another part of the house. Burglars can just as easily walk into your home, while you are there.

Close and Lock Windows – Windows are just as easy to climb through as it is to walk through the front door. Be sure to close and lock all windows at night and when no one is home.

Think Twice About Spare Keys – The purpose of hiding a spare is obvious, but all too often, homeowners do not do a good job at the “hiding” part. Burglars are professional experts and know where to look for spare keys, so you are better off not hiding one, at all. It is recommended to give a spare to a neighbor or install a keyless entry lock, instead. However, if you must hide a spare, be sure it is in an extremely well-hidden area. In fact, it is safer to hide a spare key further away from your home because it is not as obvious.

Do You Have the Right Locks? – Most homes are built with low-end locks installed. Many homeowners also have the tendency to cheap-out when it comes to purchasing locks and settle for less expensive ones. It is also very common for individuals to purchase the wrong kind of lock for what it is being used for. Be sure your locks are the correct kind and are good quality, by having a professional locksmith inspect your home and locks.

Invest in a Security System – Alarm systems and Closed-Circuit Televisions (surveillance) are the best ways to ensure the safety and security of your home, loved-ones, and belongings. These security systems are known to deter burglars from targeting homes that are equipped with them. Although they may be expensive, it is a worthwhile investment and you can also think about financing them.
A little extra effort and a couple of more dollars could be the difference between a secure home and one that is broken into.

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