Where can i buy a transponder key and have it programmed?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping our customers safe and providing a wide array of locksmith services, therefore allowing us to help Long Islanders, with any problem that may arise . As part of our commitment to offer the best services around, we are also dedicated to continued education. This is required because technology is constantly changing and advancing, resulting in newer and different locks, keys, and related products. Our expert technicians can install, repair, replace, and troubleshoot issues from lockouts, rekeys, resetting safes or codes, copying keys, and even replacing transponder keys for your vehicle.

In the evolution of keys, specifically those for automobiles, there grew a great need for extra security. As a result, transponder keys were introduced in or around 1995, in effort to provide a single package that catered to convenience and security. A transponder key is any type of key that contains a microchip within the plastic part of the key. Transponder keys are commonly associated with car alarms, keyless entry, and remote starters.

The way a transponder key works is that the microchip, inside, has a unique code and is programmed to its partner system, located within a vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle or system will only respond to keys programmed with that specific code. When a button on a transponder key is pressed, the chip sends out a signal, which is received by the receiving end of the system, in this case the vehicle, dictating what it should do.

Transponder keys offer great advantages in convenience and safety. In terms of safety, they are paired with alarm systems, which increase protection for your vehicle. Most alarm keys also have an emergency button to press if there is a problem, as well as the ability to only unlock the driver door, thus promoting driver safety, preventing other individuals from entering your car from any other door. The automatic keyless entry and remote start capabilities promote convenience, as you do not have to use a key to access the vehicle and can warm the engine, without going out physically starting the ignition with a key.

The Problem
Unfortunately, transponder keys are very expensive, due to the cost of the chip and system, but mainly due to the complexity of the code. This makes transponder keys hard to replicate and program. In addition to the expense, transponder keys cannot be replaced or copied by very many places. In fact, depending upon the make and model of the vehicle, some transponder keys can only be replaced by the dealership or vehicle manufacturer.

Our expert specialists have the high-end training and experience to create and replace transponder keys that will work with your vehicle. Through a complex process of identifying the serial number of the system, within your vehicle, we have the means to uncover the code and the software to program a new key. If a spare transponder key is available, this can make things easier, but only licensed and certified specialists, such as professional locksmiths have the access and equipment to do so.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, so that in the event that you lose your transponder key, we can help you get into your vehicle. Our highly-trained technicians have the knowledge and skill to override your vehicle’s system to get it started. Then, within the next day or two, we can replace your transponder key with a new one, in a quicker timeframe and at a much lower cost, in comparison to a dealership or manufacturer.

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