These days the average person carries so many keys that lost keys are become more and more of a problem. How about going keyless? You may not be aware of the keyless entry system solutions available for you building.Some may feel a keyless system is something only a government building would employ and might be out out of their budget. While some systems are expensive, small businesses and complexes will find our keyless options at

Keyless entry can be a more efficient solution depending upon your needs.
Often apartment or condominium developments have multiple entrances. That means when a tenant loses a key, security immediately becomes a concern. Unfortunately, that issue can repeat itself as other tenants start losing their keys as well.

The installation of a keyless entry system can resolve that problem. Instead of being called in to change locks every time someone loses a key, a keyless system would provide each unit with a unique PIN code. They are no keys to lose. When an occupant moves, the code can be deleted and a new PIN would be created for the next person. The need for multiple calls and replacing several lost keys would be eliminated. Several keyless system solutions are currently available. We offer keyless pushbutton mechanical locks which do not require power. There’s only one code necessary rather than a unique code for each user. You may choose to go with a card reader. In this system, keys are replaced by cards or fobs which allow entry when swiped. When a card is lost, it’s erased from the main system. The downside of this option is the cost, as it relies on a main computer. Wires must be run to all entrances and the price of new fobs or cards can be bothersome.

A better solution may be the stand alone keyless entry system, which doesn’t require special wiring. It operates on long lasting batteries, which are easily replaceable. They can be installed and retrofitted into most existing doors. Some have the option to wirelessly transmit access history. There’s also an option to override these systems with a key.

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